Saturday, February 19, 2005
  eComXpo: On the Third Day

Wow... eComXpo - the first Virtual Trade Show for eCommerce Marketers is an almost overwhelming event. Not quite the interactive 3D Virtual Reality experience I first imagined, but a well-presented & structured web site, with a "tradeshow floor" page giving access to the "booths" that have been hired by some of the most familiar names in Internet Marketing. Three days isn't long enough to make the most of everything on offer - apart from the 90+ booths containing more information about their exhibitors & the business partnerships they're promoting, there's also hundreds of other people in attendance, all of them ready to "chat" via eComXpo's integrated, text Instant Messaging system.

Oh, and there's the MacroMedia Breeze presentations... Over a hundred of them! Top industry names discussing an extremely diverse range of Internet Marketing-related topics. Some are so good, have so much valuable information crammed into them, they demand to be heard & seen again.

Amazing... A major event in the History of Internet Marketing
& definitely a glimpse into the future of business networking...

Thursday, February 17, 2005
  eComXpo has started...


"Over 90 booths showcasing some of the Internet's Top Affiliate
programs. Meet & talk to the executives & affiliate marketing teams
behind some of the world's largest companies. Network with hundreds
of fellow entrepreneurs. Listen to & question Internet Marketing Experts
(including Shawn Collins, Declan Dunn, Linda Woods, Rosalind Gardner ...)
Win amazing prizes (iPods, wide-screen TVs, Caribbean cruises...)
...without leaving your home or office!"

Lucky us! We've been invited to attend this premier Virtual eCommerce
Trade Show for free. Thanks to Dell & Tradedoubler for inviting us along...

Saturday, February 12, 2005
  How Can We Help You?

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make a major difference to YOUR Internet enterprises?

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
  How The Internet Began...

It really got started in the early 60's... ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (part of the US Department of Defense) was given the brief to develop a decentralized network of military computers. The Agency sponsored research projects in the private sector and at top universities across the United States... Taking part in the project, MIT and the System Development Corporation set-up telecommunication between two "time-sharing" computers in 1965... Originally developed by the RAND Corporation, "packet-switching" technology was introduced to the project in the late 60's... In 1969, ARPANET was online, linking computers at UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, Utah University and the University of California (map of 1969 network)... By the end of 1971, several universities and research facilities had computers connected via ARPANET, including: Harvard, Stanford, MIT, RAND and NASA's Ames Research Center... The first e-mail program and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) were developed soon after. And for a long time, e-mail was the "killer application" of The Internet

The World Wide Web was still a couple of decades away...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  Beginner's Guide to the Internet

If you are new to "The Net" and still getting to grips with the basics of life online, a good place to begin is the BBC's website, where they offer a free course explaining everything you need to know to get started using e-mail and searching the World Wide Web...

WebWise - The BBC's guide to using the internet

  Ask Jeeves buys Bloglines

Ask Jeeves just announced they have bought Trustic Inc, the owner & operater of Bloglines. Launched July 2003, Bloglines was the first (free) web-based service for bookmarking blogs & reading news feeds. Today, they are the world's most popular website for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing blogs & RSS feeds. Bloglines will continue to operate as an independent brand... "Financial terms were not disclosed."

Press Release: Ask Jeeves Acquires Bloglines



Saturday, February 05, 2005
  RSS = Really Simple Syndication

RSS is a group of computer languages designed to provide information about updated web content. RSS data, commonly known as a "feed", can be used for content distribution directly to end users & also for syndication: republishing content, or hyper-linked Headlines to it, on other sites

Originally developed by Dan Libby at Netscape in 1999 (first as RDF Site Summary with RSS 0.90, then as Rich Site Summary with 0.91), RSS has been further revised by the open RSS-DEV group with RSS 1.0. It's also been independently reworked by Dave Winer leading to RSS 2.0 (not an update of RSS-DEV's 1.0, but developed directly from Netscape's 0.91), which has popularized the term "Really Simple Syndication"

Apart from the different versions of RSS, there is another widely-used format for publishing feeds, called Atom... The Atom format was inspired by & offered as a solution to the various incompatable versions of RSS. Originally proposed by Sam Ruby, the principles behind the Atom project quickly gained a lot of support. Atom 0.3, released in December 2003, was implemented on several Google services, including Google News & Blogger

With the continued rapid growth of blogging, awareness of the benefits of providing a feed has lead to RSS feeds now being offered by major News sites & many other websites with regularly updated content are starting to provide subscription to updates & syndication of content via feeds

For the end user wanting the latest content from their favourite sites, feeds can be viewed via a News Reader / Aggregator - which could be a desktop application (example: FeedReader) or an online service (example: Bloglines). Most Readers support both the popular RSS & Atom feed formats

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest posts published on this blog via our Atom XML feed, published at: http://webmaster-central.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Atom XML Feed


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